News On   |   29 June 2021

Spices has a important role in the cooking process and also in the food around the world. Each spice has its Unique flavoring and essence......

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Pesticide - Soil Health
News On   |   24 June 2021

Researchers at the Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth and the University of Maryland ask EPA to raise norms on......

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Goverment Diet List
News On   |   18 June 2021

In the pandemic situation most of the people are insisting us to eat healthily and why a healthy diet is vital to combat COVID-19......

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News On   |   9 June 2021

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar Pointed soil testing of 25 lakh acres of land in the Current year on priority basis.....

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News On   |   16 May 2021

Lakadong Valley in the Meghalaya is famous for its Unique type of turmeric – Lakadong Turmeric. This spice is known to ......

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Green House - BEIJING 5G CLOUD
News On   |   14 May 2021

The 5G Cloud Strawberry Farm of Zhongguancun Science Farm in Beijing, was Opened. This strawberry garden uses big data......

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News On   |   10 May 2021

Take a shovel, trowel, soil auger or other ideal tool, Take Sample at a depth of 5 - 7 inches, Remove all the debris, grass.....

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News On   |   7 May 2021

Food processing is used to convert raw agricultural products into edible, safe, healthy and nutritious food products and for......

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News On   |   4 May 2021

Ghee has large amount of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These nutrients are needed for Different body functions from the......

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Diary Products in Daily life
News On   |   30 APRIL 2021

Dairy products are Crucial for building bones and for managing a healthy weight.Dairy products are rich in calcium, vitamin D.......

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Starting a Garden
News On   |   28 APRIL 2021

Before starting a Garden one should pick a good location for your garden is Crucial. A Few tips for choosing a good site..............

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Managing Greenhouse Farm
News On   |   26 APRIL 2021

Greenhouse farming is a process of cultivating crops in a greenhouse ecosystems environment in a transparent material structure.........

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landscaping ideas
News On   |   24 APRIL 2021

Landscaping is altering the land’s appearance and improving its viability, and value. It includes changing the architecture, plants, and design of an area.......

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Benefits of Growbags
News On   |   22 APRIL 2021

Grow bags are light weight and it is easier to move and to store when comparing to the pots. Grow bags also breathe better and drain sooner than pots.........

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