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We are specialized in manufacturing and selling agricultural and food products.Growing your own vegetables naturally is a tremendous way to ensure you can have healthy and nutritious food. The vegetable can be grown with the use of bio-fertilizers, organic manure, and vermicomposting to improve soil fertility and plant growth.
Organic wastes (crop, animal, and farm wastes, aquatic wastes) and other biological materials along with beneficial microbes (micro and macronutrients) to release nutrients to plants for increased sustainable production in an eco-friendly pollution-free environment. We help the farmers, community, and customers with products and services.

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How about growing your own vegetables, fruits, and flowers in villas? We have enriched potting mix, cocopeat, seeds, and garden tools for growing it naturally and organically.


Gardening is growing & taking care of fruits, vegetables, creepers, perennials, keeping them healthy & attractive. We always work on excellent & environment-friendly ideas.


Growing veggies, herbs and fruits becomes easy and simple with the perfect use of a terrace. Plenty of sunshine & the right cultivation practice help the growers to achieve higher yield.


The purpose of indoor gardening is fundamentally to grow plants inside. It beautifies the place, improves the air quality, reduces stress levels, and boosts your productiveness.


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants/crops without soil. By using our Saple cocopeat, coco husk chips, potting mix, bio fertilizer, and nutrients output can be doubled.


Raising a herbal garden is a lovely way to relish the appearance, fragrance, aroma of an ample array of herbs. It adds essence to cooking, essential to cure-all remedies.


Vertical gardening is a method of growing plants on vertically inclined support/stand. It is a different type of gardening convenient for little spaces, especially for walls, fence etc.


A greenhouse is a construction of shed with side and top made mostly with glass, shade net, transparent sheets to adjust the climatic conditions and mange nutrition’s.


Landscaping is a beautiful way to decorate your garden with creative ideas. The inclusion, arrangements of plants, development of existing area & building structures.


Organic farming is an ancient system of growing plants in a native way. In this practice use of natural elements like bio-nutrients to enhance soil potency & boost productivity.


Quality checking is a process through which we assure that consistent quality product is cultivated/manufactured. Through training, constituting standards we set quality.


Testing is a primary technique to check and ensure that the right practice/production is continued throughout the process. Our lab, equipment, and systems help us to assure this.

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We have used the Organic Manure & Coco peat brought from KS & CO for the plants, trees & also for the landscaping. The trees are growing very well & bearing flowers, fruits & make us feel fresh, with less frequency of watering & maintenance.

– Mr C Chandran , Elegant Constructions

The plant are growing very well. vegetable and fruits & make us feel fresh, less watering maintenance is easy. cocopeat & organic manure quality is better feel.

- Mr Sabari Vasa

I have been purchasing cocopeat, potting soil and grow bags from K S & CO for the past six months. The products were reasonably priced and of great quality. The company executives are very knowledgeable, understood my requirements and made suggestions accordingly. Due to Covid situation they also arranged for transportation of the products to my residence.
This is my one stop solution for all my gardening needs.

- Ms Ramya, Adyar, Chennai

I took Palak, Sprouted lettuce, Ladies finger, marigold and Raddish seeds from you. They are growing well. Jasmine and Layered Hibiscus flowering so beautifully. Your Neem oil, Panchakavya, potting mix, vermicompost and coco peat helps a lot for their growth.

- Mrs Anuradha, Mylapore

I have used the products for my terrace garden and the results are good.

- Mrs Sujatha, Besant Nagar.
Youtube Channel :   Suja Garden Samayal

Your bio fertilizers for our Mango farm have given us a good organic yield! Our balcony flower garden and our terrace vegetable gardens have also benefited immensely from the organic fertilizers and other products that we have obtain from you!
Keep up the very good work... All the best!

- Mr Veerendra Mathur

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